Tips for Treating your hands well

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Hand skin health is something that is very important but often overlooked as we try and make sure that we keep up with the appearance of our faces.  The first thing to excellent hand skin health is to try and keep your hands moist. Applying a hand cream with a moisturizing element to damp skin immediately after a shower or bath or even after washing the dishes allows skin to seal in the moisturizer.

But wearing gloves while around the house and out in the bitter winter cold helps immensely. Cleaning products with chemicals and detergents take a toll on hands and dry them out. While cleaning wear gloves that are designed to protect while still being plyable enough to work with.  Look for ones that are made of neoprene versus just run of the mill ordinary latex gloves. 

Wearing gloves while cleaning will also help protect your manicure which is another tool to keep up the appearance of the skin on your hands.  Getting manicures is a great way to keep up the appearance of your hands. 

And finally use an exfoliating hand lotion that will help the skin on your hands from looking old and wrinkly.  You can check some of the ones that we carry here.

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