Is your significant other using your skin care?

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Keeping up with the amount of product left in your tube or jar and then reordering at the perfect time is tough enough.  Add someone else using it too and it makes it that much more difficult.  And if it is a significant other raiding your medicine cabinet or vanity without your knowledge then it can create a major problem.  You might even begin to think because you are having to reorder sooner than expected that you are applying too much while cutting back on application amounts will just decrease the positive effects you were seeing.  Or even worse you might walk away from a product all together that was doing wonders for your skin because in your mind you are not receiving the proper amount of usage for the money you are spending. 

Well.....I hate to say it but there is no solution for any of that.

What you can do though is explain to your significant other that just because a product is right for your skin and your skin type, doesn't mean that it is right for their's.  And while men's skin may be the same as a women's, his skin has quite a few unique characteristics that make sharing facial products not always the best idea.   Often times men's skin will be thicker than women's, as well as having more oil glands naturally producing more moisture to keep it from getting dry.

As more men become motivated to feel and look their best, more products that are made specifcally for men's skin care needs are being released.

There are plenty of skin care products on the market designed for a man's face.  Facial washes that produce deep-clean skin without drying it out; Oil-Free moisturizers that help keep the skin moist without adding oils.  And speciality after shaves that keep the skin smooth and supple after running a razor across it. 

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